Hi-Tech Saws

If we can’t sharpen it
it doesn’t need sharpening!

Over 40 years of experience makes Hi-Tech Saws in Penticton, an expert on sharpening anything with an edge. As a family run business, our mission is to provide you with the very best sharpening and repair service for all your cutting needs.

Just bring your item into our shop at #106 – 325 Cherry Avenue, and we will have you back to work in no time!

Band Saws, Chain Saws, Paper cutting and Ice resurfacing knives, Garden and Pruning Tools, Hair Scissors, Kitchen Knives, Lawn Mower Blades, Planer, Jointer & Chipper Knives, Sewing Scissors, and Shears.

Is Your Blade Dull and Missing the Point?

All blades big and small, we can sharpen them all.

Sharpening Service

We specialize in sharpening carbide saws, knives, cutters and router bits. We sharpen planer, jointer and chipper knives as well as lawn mower blades. We custom weld band saws to length for your machines. We also sharpen chain saws, garden and pruning tools, kitchen knives and all types of scissors for hair and shears for cutting cloth. If you need your hand saws and mitre saws renewed, we can sharpen those for you too.

  • Commercial Kitchen Knives
  • Carbide saws sharpened and repaired
  • Custom welded to length Band Saws
  • Landscaping – Any Tool with A Blade!
  • Professional Scissors and Trimming Tools
  • Woodworking Tools
  • Planer, paper and ice resurfacing knives up to 84 inches

Hi-Tech Saws

#106 – 325 Cherry Ave Penticton, British Columbia
Phone: 250 492 2414
Monday to Friday – 8:00am – 4:30pm

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